Which regulator is best for you in Mexico?

A gas regulator is a piece of equipment that controls the gas pressure in a cylinder. The majority of cylinders have regulators that come with 2 gauges. Some regulators that are used on cylinders with liquefied gases, might not have a cylinder pressure gauge because the cylinder pressure varies only with temperature. The two most important variables that will govern whether a single stage or dual stage regulator should be used are droop and supply pressure effect.

Droop is the difference in delivery pressure between zero flow and the regulators maximum gas capacity. Supply Pressure is the difference in delivery pressure as supply pressure drops while the cylinder is emptying. A dual stage regulator shows more droop than pressure effects in Mexico, while a single stage regulator should be used when there is little anticipation of pressure variation or where occasional pressure adjustments are not problematic. Single stage regulators in general are best for shorter periods of gas usage. Many companies will utilize a dual stage regulator because it offers consistent delivery of pressure without warranting the occasional change in pressure.

Both single and dual stage regulators come with 2 gauges, cylinder or inlet pressure gauge and a delivery or outlet pressure gauge. A cylinder pressure gauge has a higher pressure range compared to a delivery pressure gauge.

Again, whether a manufacturer decides to use a single or dual stage regulator will depend on the application. To find out more on which regulator is most useful for you in Mexico, please contact Criogas.