Criogas is committed to providing you with quality specialty gases and specialty gas related equipment along with excellent service. Our customer testimonials explain why you should choose Criogas as your specialty gas and equipment supplier. 


“I have a busy dental practice, so when our gas supplier closed up shop a few years ago, I wasn't sure where to go. Fortunately a colleague recommended Arcet and it was the best advice I've ever had. They make ordering the gas we need simple and easy. As demands on my staff have grown due to new rules and regulations, I know that Arcet always has our back!”

- John Smith

“We work hard and the last thing we need is to run into problems with our supplies. Holdups cost us money and worst of all make us look bad to our customers. With Arcet I don't have to worry about getting the right order or whether my gases will arrive in time for the project, they just get the job done. You can't buy that kind of piece of mind, so I'm glad to recommend them.”

- Henry McQoy

““Criogas came to us with a handy and convenient proposal. Criogas has contributed to science as we are a research institution. Their products helped us to keep biological samples in good condition. Logistics and delivery times have been really accurate to what we stipulated since the beginning. Previously we had to delay delivering our samples or other materials to different communities in Mexico."”

- Carlos Flores, UNAM Institute of Neurobiology

““All our analytic equipment works with PurityPlus carrier and calibration gases. We fully rely on their products quality, and the price and service are the best on market.””

- Gerardo Arellano, TYASA Talleros y Aceros