About Criogas, Mexico Specialty Gas Supplier

 Since 2016, Criogas has been affiliated with PurityPlus Specialty Gases, achieving PurityPlus certification for our superior manufacturing processes.

Our Mexico laboratory is staffed by local people – people skilled not only in producing specialty gases but also knowledgeable about how customers make use of them throughout our service area. As far as we’re concerned, that’s the key word: service. Because we’re local we have what it takes to produce the gases our customers need quickly, efficiently, safely, and economically. We’re also structured in a way that facilitates our getting to know our customers. We look forward to building relationships with them – which we’ve found dramatically increases our ability to deliver the kind of service they most appreciate. We take as much pride in our consultative expertise as we do in our knack for manufacturing the most preferred specialty gases in Mexico.

To maintain our PurityPlus certification and to insure that our products always exemplify the highest quality standards, we’re audited once a year by a third party. In addition, we attend frequent training seminars. And you can trust that we’re ISO 17025-compliant.

We’re here to provide you, Criogas with the PurityPlus specialty gases, speedy delivery, and authoritative service you require. See for yourself why so many others in this market rely on Criogas for all their specialty gas needs. Call us at +52 272 7211200 or contact us at informes@criogas.com today.